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  • Piyush Singh

Transgenders as Business Correspondent (BC) / Banking Agents/ Bank Mitras.

Have we considered it? Please share the links if we have them. Pardon my lack of deep knowledge in the field, but wanted to share my thoughts, so that we take it up for execution.

It might sound a bit bold or uncomfortable to a few, however, I have been thinking about this for quite some time and have always wondered, why have we not included them as a BC. We have added them as a consumer of financial services but not as a provider.

We all are working on #gender inclusion, and for me, it means the inclusion of all genders, with special emphasis on those who are more vulnerable, including transgenders.

I am waiting for the day when a company/bank onboards a transgender as a Business Correspondent (BC) puts it on social media and works deeply with them.

Please #tag me, I will be really happy :-). I am also driving it at a few institutions.

A few impacts;

1. Including them as providers will help us to reach out to more people in the community and offer them improved social and financial inclusion

2. Inclusive employment: Promote diversity and inclusivity, thus reducing discrimination and promoting social acceptance

3. Economic Empowerment: Address the financial struggles many transgender people face due to societal discrimination and exclusion

4. Access to Financial Services: Bridges the gap between FIs and the transgender community, making it easier for them to access banking and financial services

5. Community-level impact: Transgender BC can serve as relatable figures within their community, making it easier to educate and inform their peers about the importance of financial literacy and inclusion.

6. Customer Relations: Can build stronger relationships with transgender customers, making them feel more comfortable and valued while interacting with FIs.

7 - Experts please add more and let's build on this. I can not wait for that day

A few #challenges, based on research.

1. Discrimination: They often face discrimination and harassment. Employing them in the financial sector may expose them to further discrimination, which could affect their job satisfaction and performance.

2. Training and Skill Development: May lack the necessary skills and training for banking and financial services roles

3. Social Stigma: There may be resistance and reluctance from customers and colleagues who hold prejudiced views against the individuals

4. Cultural Sensitivity: Financial institutions must be culturally sensitive and provide a supportive environment for transgender BCs.

5. Safety: Particularly for transgender women, can be significant, especially when they are working in remote or vulnerable areas

Challenges may outweigh the benefits, but we need to take it up and that's what the social change is. It can be executed well considering the social and business aspects.

#CSR and #Grants to promote the cause through private players will be a welcome step.

What people are discussing about this on linkedin...

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